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Adelaide Cupido is the founder of Yada Network (Pty) Ltd. She is a legal professional with 15 years’ experience including practicing as an attorney specialising in employment law, management consultant, compliance manager in local government and the non-government sector.  She is also a Certified Mediator and Facilitator Coach.  As a management consultant, Adelaide focussed on developing business cases and feasibility studies focusing on institutional and organisational requirements. 


Since 2010, Adelaide has been working in the development sector and settings where multi-stakeholder engagements were central to her work, facilitating a range of processes toward converting and implementing strategic objectives. She is passionate about supporting communities, organisations (including the public sector) to transform conflict and cares deeply about enabling clients she partners with to flourish.

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Busisiwe Mgbemena is the founder of Reflect Coaching (Pty) Ltd.  She is a social change catalyst and has over a decade of work experience in a variety of sectors, namely, civil society, local government, corporate and academia. Through coaching and facilitation, she strives to create a solid container which allows an atmosphere where teams and individuals can feel safe to be self-aware and thereby connect to the Self and others, in private life and at their workplaces.  Her work is about supporting clients to continually check “who am I being in the moment, and I am living in authenticity?”.


Her facilitation journey commenced in 2006 under the auspices of The Institute for the Healing of Memories where she focused on facilitating Peace and Reconciliation workshops in South Africa. Working with a variety of societal structures from prisoners, theologian students, the homeless, religious organizations, community leaders and freedom fighters enabled her capability to create a safe, sacred space for those on their healing journey. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and she offers her presence to hold space and listen deeply, without judgement.

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Lynn-Joy Isaacs is the Founder of Three Cord Create and Consult (Pty) Ltd. She is a process facilitator, registered counsellor in private practice, has a background in Psychology and MA in Child and Family Studies. For over 10 years, she has worked and contributed to the NGO sector, exposing her to various facets of community development as well as the inner workings of what it takes for organisations to thrive. Lynn-Joy’s experience includes the co-founding of a non-profit organisation in a Western Cape rural town that she continues to support in an advisory capacity.


Within this sector, she has played a key role in developing, implementing, managing, as well as monitoring, and evaluating programmes.  Creating and facilitating opportunities for actors in this space to pause and reflect on their practice using creative methodology which is integral to what Lynn-Joy believes is one of the most powerful ways to drive change at a deep, systemic level. Lynn-Joy enjoys seeing others grow, flourish, and have their “aha!” moments where deep truths, sometimes in the form of powerful questions, can be discovered, where they can land and settle...and support a powerful way of being in the world. Development and creative process work make her come alive!

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Ruth Johnson is the founder of Reinvent People Management (Pty) Ltd, established in 2016.  She is a people management professional with 18 years working experience, of which 9 years entailed working with senior managers and organisational leaders. Her areas of focus are Change Management, Facilitation, and Human Resources Management through which she implements strategic business partnering, effective change management strategy and interventions; along with the optimisation of your human resources.


She engages with your organisation in an authentic way, using her unique insight and perspective to enhance leadership capability and empower organisational growth. This is achieved by offering simplistic, impactful interventions that are executed in a professional manner. Her philosophy is that sound people management practices undoubtedly positively impact your bottom line. Through her facilitation and partnering, she supports you in achieving your objectives by creating a space for transformative conversations.

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